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Professional Headshots

People are looking. 
So make them look twice.

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Professional headshots

For professionals who want better.

Headshots that will make you smile

Orillia Headshots

Straightforward. Simple, yet saying so much. It's not just "So they know what I look like."
Because what they really want to know is if they can trust you: trustworthiness.
If you're approachable. This implies a good working relationship. 
If you're confident. This implies competence.

You've already got the stuff. I simply collaborate with you to bring it out so it's what others see, too. I'm an expression coach, a wardrobe consultant, and a personal marketer for your headshot, and my camera is the tool to put it on your page, wherever that may be.

The headshot. Perfect for profile pictures everywhere, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, company website, and on the list goes (and grows, it seems!).

Showcase your style

Sometimes you want to add a little extra of your personality into your introduction. 
Business portraits are ideal for websites and various social media posts, as well as publications in magazines and online articles.

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Team Shots

Maybe you're more than a force of one (or of nature). You've got a whole team playing ball together.
Show your audience and clients who's batting for them.

Or maybe you actually are rockstars...
"These are not headshots, Lynda."
I know, I know. But it's for a billboard!

Play ball
ask for a quote for your a-team!

Environmental Headshots

When your location plays a big part of what you do, it can help clients really get a feel for your business.
And you in your natural environment.
These are so helpful on your website and social media posts, as well as for publications in magazines and online.

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